Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Er' Easy Tuesday

Star Log -68 days and counting

Well, I am not quite half way there, but things are starting to feel really real.  I have come to realize that up until the past two Saturdays this was honestly very easy.  I kind of just pushed myself on every run.  Not only was I building up miles but I was building speed.  I think that my achilles tweak is what put me on notice.  I need to start really making my workouts a little more well rounded.

The funny thing is, I set up on the treadmill today put it on a .5 incline (to mimic the curve of the earth-or so they say) and put her on cruise control at 7.0 for mi one, 7.2 for mile 2 and 7.5 for mile three.  I felt out of sight!!  Nice, smooth, easy,  just like Hal prescribed.

The plans are coming together and in fact Mike and I are going to sit down tonight to make some travel plans-Happy Valentines Day!! I also got some great news from my mom that she and my dad are going to try to fly out from WI to be there on race day.  The thought of them even trying to come brings tears to my eyes.  I am so proud of myself, but to know that others are proud of me too makes me feel like a $1,000,000!!!!  Mom sent me a bouquet of flowers with chocolates (that I can now eat due to 1200+ cal burning runs)
Beautiful Spring Flowers With Note And Chocolates From Mom

I'm also starting to look forward to some more races, but I am having a hard time committing to anything until after the marathon.  BUT, the planner in me needs to get some ducks in order or I am going to have a major let down after the race.

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