Monday, October 3, 2011

Sleep!! Who needs it??

That's who!

Last week was my first week that I had a goal in place and I did not achieve it.  It was so frustrating!!!  
I had been on a 3 week high.  I had first set my sights on a 3x per week run (that was before the whole marathon thing) but I had started to exceed that and was averaging more like 5-6 days/week.  I was feeling pretty fat and sassy.  I was getting a solid 8hrs of sleep every night and I was really seeing the results of putting in that kind of time.

Then like life always does, I was thrown a curveball.  Elise is teething canines, so she would need a dose of Advil around 3am.  Then Ryan started going funny on me as well.  You see he has been toying with the whole dropping the nap thing for quite some time now.  He had been napping again, but that seems to cause problems too.  Too many naps in a row, and he is not tired enough to fall asleep at night...fights it...then falls asleep very overtired.  Then, when he is OT, he wakes up several times a night and just kind of cries out.  Which of course wakes me up.  When times are really tough and he is REALLY tired, he will only fall back to sleep if I sleep in his bed with him.  

Now for the most part, that is not a bad deal.  His mattress is actually WAY better than ours.  With the whole OT thing though, he kicks me all night long!!  I end up barely getting any sleep.  In fact, I slept BETTER when they were newborns!  In my opinion, toddler sleep is WAAAAAAY worse than baby sleep. (sorry friends with thought it would only get better HA!)

Basically every day (except Monday) I was either too tired to have a good run (see Wednesday and Friday) or I was sleeping with Ryan and I did not want my alarm to wake him up (I would tell you to see Tues. and Thurs., but they are not recorded on

Then Saturday came.  Thank God!!  I actually got an outside run with a running partner!  We did the 6mi loop around Lake Union.  We ran about 10min/mi talking the whole way.  If I am being completely honest, I know I could have gone faster and longer without a problem.  I think both Michelle and I would agree that more importantly we have found each other.  Not only do we have kids close in age (12mo for me, 15mo for her), we both had reflux kids, personal problems Post Partum, we are both midwesterners, we are both Delta Zeta's, ummm, really I could go on and on.  The gist of it is we are not only running partners with a lot in common, but we are also transplants looking for mom friends and we were lucky enough to find each other.  I already feel lucky enough to call her a friend.

Well, this is just how it will be I suppose.  I can only do what I can do.  When real training starts, I may have to find a way to do my runs, but the reality of it is you only run about 4days/week marathon training, you just need to run a lot more miles on those days!  I think getting back on my bike on the rollers in the basement might have to be the answer for of days.  At least my blood will be flowing!

Cross your fingers and wish me luck for this week.  Ryan is on day two of no nap...we shall see.  I do like that 6pm bedtime though....too bad I can't get Elise down that early!