Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Running!

That is it!  That's the big news, but it is actually really BIG news!
Runs since April have been hit or miss and frankly less than appealing.  I have started physical therapy and I am over the moon with the results.  I am not "healed" but I have run several times without pain and in fact some pain has went away after runs.  This is so different from what I had been dealing with!

I also have been busy starting up a Moms RUN This Town chapter here in Kirkland.  I truly feel passionate not only about my running but also helping encourage moms to run whether they are just taking their first walking steps to helping more "seasoned" runners find races and all around just to keep everyone motivated!  It's kind of that theory where working outside yourself actually encourages you along the way.

Well, that is it.  Quick and short-not my norm!  It is the day before Thanksgiving though and I will have a race report on Sunday!!! (OMG- A RACE REPORT!!)  Seattle Marathon 5k-here I come!!!