Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midweek Motivation

Due to the fact that we love our "occasional" nanny and she had a lot of open hours this week, I got to run outside today!  I didn't even plan on it, but my lovely nanny suggested I go out to run.   What a novel idea?!? It was actually a gorgeous Pacific NorthWest day complete with sunshine!

Today was basically a sort of tempo/speed work day.  The training program I have chosen to follow really does not go deep into specific workouts.  It is more of run X amount of miles today.  This means most times, I just try to pick up the pace a bit for some period of time.  I also generally do this run on the treadmill, so I also didn't have a good feel for how fast I could go outside.

With all that in mind, this was a fun little run.  Let's go over it...just because :D

Mile 1: Well this was a bit of a stinker because at 0.60mi I realized I had to pee really really bad!  I was on a pretty public trail, but luckily enough for me, the grass was tall and it is pretty flat so I could see I was free of peds.  Of course though, I pop-a-squat and wouldn't you know it-a cyclist comes flying by!  Lucky for me, my hot pink shirt somehow camouflaged me in the high grass enough so he paid me no attention.

Mile 2&3:  Nothing to eventful.  I had my iPod on shuffle through my 25 most played songs.  I figured this was a safe bet as most of the songs I play are for running purposes.  For some reason though, every slow song I had played during this time and it was getting a bit frustrating....grrrrr.

Mile 3.5:  The turn.  I took a quick break for a Gu and a nice sip of Nuun.  Then back on the stick.  Not sure if this is why my mile 4 split is so slow or what.  

Mile 4:  Irritatingly slow in retrospect.  Funny enough--it did not feel slow at the time.

Mile 5:  This was my perfect pace.  Everything came together and I felt like I could sustain this speed forever!  It was just a comfortable spot to be.

Mile 6:  I spotted a runner!  She was ahead of me by a bit and in my head it was race on!  Then somehow I got a rock in my shoe, so a quick stop to dump it out (I couldn't move it out of the way with my toe...grrr!) and  I lost sight of her.   Oh well.  Run On...BUT WAIT---There she is!!!!  Time to kick it into a higher gear!

Mile 6.5:  I pass her like she is standing still (ummm, she most likely was going a little more than a jog, clearly she did not get the race memo!!)  I decide I feel good and should keep up the pace and even push harder until I hit

Mile 6.80: Where I am running about as fast as my legs will take me--no that is not true--I was running as fast as my lungs were willing to let me right that minute.  It was not pretty, I could tell by the look on the older couples face as I ran by.  It really did not feel bad but I knew as soon as I hit 

Mile 7: This was it.  I needed to slow down.  It didn't matter though, my run for the day was done!!  I knew I had more in me.  More miles and honestly I think more speed.

I know this is not the way to do speed work, but right now this is how it will get done.  Next marathon I will do things the prescribed way, but for today this was good enough!

It is a lovely Sunshiny day in WA

Check out that Garmin!
Just in case you want to take a peak here are my splits:

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