Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Music. Is, Like, SOOOO My Thing. It's Like Totally Bitchin!!

So somewhere in the 80's I became aware of the fact that music and I were like peanut butter and jelly.  Like peas and carrots.  Like sardines and mustard on crackers. (YUM!)  It transported me out of my little town of Shiocton, WI and into the bright lights of the big city that I knew I would some day move to.  Yes, I knew by the time I was oh, about seven that Shiocton was not the end of my line.  In fact I dreamt of living on the beach one day, which I in fact did in the mid and late 90's.  (like I said, all I dream comes true!)

I also realized that for most of my life I have been full of angst and anger that would be likened to an angry teenage boy.  In the 80's it was Metallica and AC/DC.  In the 90's I turned more to Soundgarden and TOOL.  It even followed me into my 30's with my love of Korn.  I won't even begin to tell you all the punk bands I have been in love with over the years.  Or what an awesome time I had living in SoCal where I had the chance to meet Zach De La RochaThe Offspring, and a bunch of other greats (in my opinion anyway).

But honestly, any kind of music is cool with me!  I love to be transported to the places it takes me.  Sure I had a lot of raging going on (obviously) but I love classic country like no one else.  Jazz-oh jazz, what can I say.  I LOVE it!  I can get lost with a book and a jazz station for hours.  I love watching my friends shake their booty to some pop....although I will never claim to be a dancer!  Blue Grass, oh how that makes me want to BBQ some ribs and sip some burbon.  Classic rock...tuned in on my radio preset.  My favorite of all may even be an 80 year old man by the name of Leonard Cohen!  My God that man can write a good song!  Don't even get me started on Steely Dan!

I think I need to move on!
So with all of this in mind you can imagine my surprise when I have come to realize I HATE running more than 4mi with music!!  In fact I can make it about 2mi of a long run before I want to throw my iPod in the nearest field!  It has become the bane of my existence these days.  I am not sure if I just don't have the right play list or the right mix.  The songs that normally pump me up get me all agitated  on a run.  My happy place songs just seem kind of grinding.
I have oddly decided that I just need to listen to my thoughts and my feet hitting the ground when I go on long runs.  I go over things I want to write here.  I do a head to toe system check to make sure I am still feeling good (something I don't do with music).  I think about what to make for supper.  I think about what would happen if I suddenly was pregnant again (Yikes!) For the record if it was a boy his name would be Henry calling him Hank and if it was a girl she would for sure be Lauren which was Elise's name until almost the end.

I am not sure if this came about because I started doing long runs with partners and if it is something I will out grow in the future, but I do know this; I will not be dragging those stupid headphones with me again!

So how did today's run go you may ask.  Not so hot.  I swear I can feel the virus taking over my body!  Here is how it went down:

My nanny got here at 800 the time I specified.  I ended up leaving after 900.  Got my iPod all set in my fuel belt, went to start my Garmin and I realized I left it at home.  Had to go back to the car and switch out iPod for iPhone (so I knew how far I had run)  When I opened my training app that has GPS it informed me I was running 9mi today which was a shock as I only planned to do 8mi!  Stickler as I am, I started out on the run planning on the 9mi.
Without my Garmin I am even WORSE at keeping a slower consistent pace.  I went out way to fast and was just about dead at mile 2.  I seemed to get it all under control and the rest of the run felt ok.  Not great, but not bad.  My nose ran constantly and was on fire by the end.  I felt tired and kind of worn down, I was not expecting that.  I thought I was on my way to better.
I finished up and was having my chocolate milk and a quick stretch when I looked at my phone and saw it was 1100!  What the?!?!  My nanny needs to leave by 1100 on Wednesday as she is just helping me out before her normal job on that day.

I walked into the door and was accosted by my Toddler Tornado!  I had told them that after I got home from my run we would go the the "Toys Park" which is what they call a park in the woods that has trails we can walk on.
Silly me!  They thought the *second* I walked in the door it was time to leave.  My nanny, as awesome as she is, had them dressed in shorts and short sleeved shirts.  It was sunny and dry today, but no where near shorts time.  Unbelievably they did not fight me when I told them we first had to put on pants and sweatshirts.  They did however seem to go absolutely insane at one point.  In a 10min time frame each child had bloodied a different part of their body with no help from the other child!  I actually had to laugh.  It was like their little bodies were possessed by some crazy bug.  I was still at this time in my cold wet workout gear and wasn't sure how I was going to get in dry clothes, let alone shower off the stench. I was prepared to put on sweats and go, but the injuries slowed the crazies down.  Thank God Dirt Girl World got their attention.  While the zombies watched all things dirt, I hoped in the shower-no time to wash my hair, oh well-and get some dry clothes on.  Oh yah-post run meal?  What a joke!  I did stick two eggs in the microwave with a few slices of toast.

Just as quickly as they calmed down, they were back like wildfire!  I quickly strapped them in the car seats-which in case you were wondering is the best invention EVER if you have to insane toddlers.  The promise of an adventure is the only thing my babes need to pacify their insanity.

I took them into the woods for a bit to burn some energy off.  Then with some screaming fanfare we were done at the park for the day.  I tell you all of this just so you can gauge what a normal day is like for me.  This oddly enough is the norm not the exception.  By the time we got back to the house it was 200 and time for naps.  Or as Ryan screams "I don't waaaant to nap!  I waaaaant to watch a moooovie"  The best way to deal with my boy is "yes dear, I know."  Then set him in bed with his books, blankie, puppy, and paci (yeah I know, I will work on that soon) and tell him I will be back in a few minutes.  Which of course by the time I get done putting Elise down he is fast asleep.

What to do nap, clean, open that package from Amazon??  Open the package from Amazon of course!  And good thing I did!  Inside was not only my son's birthday gifts (hello last minute shopper-it's Saturday) but also my shipment of Shot Roks that I thought I would try.  Yes, that constituted lunch for me.  (I so need to do something about my food intake!)
I knew I did not have the luxury of a nap as the kids are big enough now that I get a half hour Maybe 45min of napping out of them.  So blogging it is!

Now it is time to figure out supper and sigh deeply as I realize Mike won't be home tonight to help with bedtime.  Pray for me that everyone is knocked out by 830 and I can promptly climb into bed in utter exhaustion.  Clean the kitchen-probably, I can't stand a dirty kitchen.  Fold the laundry-doubtful, I can pull it out of the basket and throw it on a kid for one more day.  All the other stuff?  Maybe it will get done tomorrow-maybe not.  That is what Sunday is for right??

My Moo Ready To Roll

Bean Ready To Rock It

You will be happy to know my bathroom got cleaned.  Not because I had so much energy for it, but because my daughter dumped out her potty in to the big pot and basically dumped it on the floor.  I LOVE potty training!

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