Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Hey There Little Lady, Are You Looking For a Jump Start?"

For some reason when I was thinking about this post title, it always came to me in the voice of a downhome boy.  Deep and throaty, kind of like Josh Turner if you are into that country thing.  Not sure why as my "Jump Start" came from an amazing group of women yet again.

Let me first start by saying I am thankful and I am blessed.  I have an amazing husband who supports my endeavors wholly.  I am not sure he has ever said "Really, do you have to do that now?" Same thing when I just want to up and leave town for the weekend to go snowshoeing.  I know that he would love a weekend in the snow as well, but he lets me leave to recharge my batteries so the whole house can be just a little happier.  There is no way I could achieve my personal goals with out his help.

That is actually a lesson I've learned.  Even though running really is a single person sport, you in reality need a huge support system to be successful.  At least I do.  My support comes from not only my wonderful husband and my super cute kids, but also in the new friendships I have made through running.

I oddly thought that after I had kids that I would meet all my new friends through said kids.  In fact I haven't really hit that point yet.  I'm not sure if that is a future school thing, or maybe that is just not menat to be for me.  Who knows.
What I do know is female runners ROCK!  I have met so many different women who just automatically accept you, even though we all come from VERY different walks of life and places in life.

I have to be honest here a minute.  This post is not flowing out like I thought it would.  I have so much to talk about and I am super excited, but in a way I have gotten a little nervous.  Over the weekend I was made aware that more people read my blog than I thought did.  Not sure why that was such a surprise.  I have it out there as a public blog and I post it to my Facebook page so my family and friends can follow my journey.  I guess I just didn't think they really did read it!  Honestly it changes nothing, I certainly don't feel a need to filter or anything like that, but for some reason all the stuff in my head is having a hard time coming out. (writing through writers block is supposed to help right??)
Before this becomes a totally random strand of thoughts strung together like Christmas lights, let's focus on the facts for a bit.

I in fact participated in the Snowshoe re-TREAT like I had planned.  I also have not run since last Tuesday, and honestly I feel like a new woman.  Of course the cold I was nursing seems to be lifting some.  I am rested.  I got some fresh air. I was able to listen to amazing women encourage one another.  I received awesome training advice.  I was inspired by a wonderful lady named Ann who has recently placed three times in her age group.  Two firsts and a second.  I do not want to venture a guess at her age, but her concern was feeling pressure from her peers to basically slow down and act her age.  I think the fact that she is out there and doing it her way says so much about who she is and who I someday aspire to be.

I was also reminded that there are so many amazing women runners who really don't have to train for half marathons, or even really full marathons.  They live their lives so they are able to achieve those accomplishments when the whim hits them.  This is astounding to me.  I don't know but for some reason I was under the notion that to do these things you had to commit 100% to a training plan and if you didn't you would ruin it and you would fail.

Now let's put this in perspective for a minute.  They are women who have been running for 10, 20, 30 years.  I clearly am not in that group.  Sure I started running 10yrs ago, but let's face it-I didn't have all the information and I was not seeking it out.  I know for many years the most I could run was like 3mi because of something so small as paying attention to my pace.  Get my pace under control and I can run forever it feels like.  Again, this isn't something you are born knowing.  Even though running seems basic-all you need is a pair of shoes and out the door you go.  In reality the more you listen and the more you learn the more you realize there is so much more to it.
I am new to running in actuality.  I have only lately decided to "study" the sport I love.  That brings it to a whole different level.

Let me interject here; there is absolutely nothing wrong with running for just a few miles here and there and maybe running a 5k race every few years. That is an accomplishment in itself and do not feel like it is little or small.  It is HUGE to decide to propel yourself out the door for no other reason than to run.
If you think about it too hard it seems silly.  A mindless exercise in futility.  I mean really, you go no where, you accomplish nothing.  But yet you do go somewhere and you accomplish SO SO much!!
I am the kind of person that believes in something wholly, so like running for example.  I reap so many benefits I can't understand why not every person on the earth doesn't run.  (I know this is just silly talk don't worry not EVERYONE should run, I get it)

So back to it-I am so all over the place today, sorry.
My body is feeling so good again.  I have rested, I have rejuvenated, but most importantly mentally I have had a huge boost.  I know that I need to pay closer attention to myself and give myself permission to slow down or skip a run if my body says I need to.  My training won't all be lost and I still will be able to run my race. In fact probably better if I do pay attention to what I really need.

I also have a huge confession.  Hello.  My name is Sarah and I am a cheapskate.
my excuse for not going to the gym and weight lifting or cross training is because I bought  a one month trial gym membership on Living Social and I have been saving it to use it.  Not for any other reason than I am cheap and for some reason I feel that if I horde it I will have it there waiting for the perfect time to use it.
The Time Has Come

I am recommitting today.  This final push toward SLO will be done fully and completely.  I have a plan to actually cross train and also lift weights.  I will run my runs and if things start to feel un-right, I will get in the pool and skip a run.  I will not fail.  It is not an option.

So how about some fun stuff.
Some good tunes that are motivating right now:
Incubus-Let's Go Crazy (plus Brandon Boyd is just good to lok at) and Fun.- We Are Young (because every time I hear it I pretend I don't have kids and I am free of responsibilities again.  Plus this video kind of reminds me of an average night out at the bars I used to frequent sans kids)

How about a few pics of great ladies and a great day out in the snow:

My Lovely Cabin Mates For The Weekend

The Stop Sign Rob Blew Through On The Way To Snowshoe 
Pretty Cabin at Night

Just a Little Snow

Beth Rallying The Troops

Like always basically no pics of me.  The sad part of always having the camera.  If you are reading this and you attended and by chance have a pic of me, please email it so I can add it here...Thanks!

I Am Thankful...I Am Blessed!

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  1. Looks lovely! I'm glad you had a good weekend and recharged your battery.