Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm Back!

After a really disappointing run last week, I am proud to announce that I had an amazing run on Saturday!

It was a stepback week and in all actuality I have taken it VERY easy for two weeks.  I was still nursing that rotten cold that afflicted my house and I was still a little leery of my heal.  Well the time off paid off!

I really feel mentally and physically better than I have felt since probably January.  Luckily just in time for the final push.  I only have two really long runs left on the schedule.  Eighteen miles this weekend and a 20mi run two weeks later.  The rest is all very manageable distances that I feel very comfortable doing.  I so many ways I can't believe I have made it this far and in other ways it has seemed so easy.

The reality of it though is I have a lot on my plate right now and I am teetering the line of being in control of everything and feeling comfortable and dangerously close to falling over the edge of insanity of it all.  I sit here with empty grocery bags that need to be put away.  A living room carpet that smells of vomit (thanks Elise-I love that you have discovered your gag reflex) with the carpet steamer sitting waiting for me to use it.  Friends who haven't heard from me other than on Facebook. Emails that I keep putting off until I have a minute (which by the way will be May1 if you are waiting for an answer from me).  A  whole living room full of dinosaurs and other birthday toys that need new bins to keep them organized so that Thursday when I get a whole new slew of girl toys, they can take over the living room for a few days.  Laundry in baskets, laundry in the dryer, even laundry sitting in the wash machine waiting for more to be added so I start the stupid thing. Boxes that need to be broken down to be put out to the curb.  Something needs to be wiped down I am sure.  Supper needs to be started - why?  I am not sure, my son won't eat it anyway. (is there any reason why my children can't live on peanut butter and jelly for the next month and a half?) Showering would be good-haven't done that today.  I DID however brush my teeth-BONUS!  And now it is already time to wake sleeping beauty from her nap or she will never sleep tonight.  Will I Ever Catch UP-that is really the question.
I have a bridesmaid dress to go buy (I was supposed to do that in January) and I also have to go and finish my sister's wedding invitations so I need to go to Paper Source.
I still have not even stepped foot in a toy store for either child's birthday gift (thank God for Amazon) and I'm sure I won't (thank God for Prime free 2-day shipping)

To top that all off
 ******TMI ALERT****TMI ALERT****
Last week I actually had a pregnancy scare!!!  If you know me at all, that is the scariest thing to happen to me since.....I don't know what!!!  The probability of an actual pregnancy would have been about 0.000001% but after having two children 12 months apart-you can see why I was a just a little more than nervous.
After two negative pregnancy tests I called the OB and what they basically came up with is the stress of my being sick, training for the 'thon, and the general level of chaos in my house most likely resulted in a huge hormone in balance that should resolve itself after my race if it doesn't before.
I really did not need that craziness for two days straight!  All it did was solidify my resolve that we are most certainly done having children!!

So here we are-all caught up again.  This week I have three midweek runs and 18 on Saturday.  I am still going to take it day by day and if I don't feel like I am recovering from the first two midweek runs, I will skip Thursday to prep for Saturday.  I feel so much better taking it one run at a time instead of feeling like I need to run every. single. mile. on the plan.  I know I will finish and I know I will finish strong if I continue to listen to my body instead of looking at a training plan.

Alma and I after our first DRY training run together

No ice bath, the legs felt too good, but I did go up against the wall to flush them out a bit after.

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  1. Most excellent run, Sarah! I feel bad about not helping out with the 18-miler but will hopefully get to join you for a PORTION of the 20!