Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aaaaaand This Is Why I Hate My Husband.....

So my last post was explaining how awesome my husband is...this post will do the opposite.

I challenged my dear hubs to "Streak", run at least one mile per day for as long as you can.  He started on Saturday and has since done at least 1mi and has even run more.  Last night he officially has beaten my most recent 5k time...and he has done nothing athletic since the day we met!!!!!  JERK!!!!

Well let's back up.  He at one point was, for lack of a better explanation, a world class athlete.  He competed at State Level wrestling and was second place at least once, maybe twice (I kind of forget the specifics...I am really listening honey, promise) and won his weight class his senior year.  If I am not mistaken he was also either undefeated that year or only had one loss. I may be a little foggy here, but I know he had less than a half dozen losses in his entire career! He then went on to receive a full scholarship to Cal Poly San Puis Obispo.  He also without any training did a several hundred mile peddle bike ride with his dad.  Literally... thought it would be fun, so jumped on the bike (that he just bought) and went!  Even when we first met he was a gym rat with his buddies.  I could go into detail about his awesome abs, chest, arms *sigh* but I will leave that alone.
Then we met.  At the same time he started a new job that had him traveling more days in a week than not.  Then we got married, promptly had a baby, he renovated a majority of our first home from studs back up, then we had another baby, then he dealt with a wife with PPD...let's just say he has not seen the inside of a gym in over 5yrs!!!  Of course he gets out at least once or twice a year to ski and he has wind surfed a few times, but nothing consistant.

So after less than one week of running...the jerk runs faster than I do!  THE NERVE!!  PLUS he HATES running!!  To him it is a punishment, not something to be enjoyed.  That is how he attacked his first few 1mi runs.  Fast as possible who cares about pace.

Of course, if you look at me...I am clearly the winner of this battle.  I may not be faster right now, BUT he did not gain 50lbs, lose 40 of it, and then promptly gain it all back, then lose 40lbs of it again,  all within a 24mo period!  The whole time producing a brand new human out of just a few cells!
Did I also mention that he is 5 years younger than me?!?!  Yes FIVE!!  Five years ago, I could run a faster 5k too.

So of course this is where I tell you, I really don't hate my husband, in fact I LOVE him!  Not just because he is roped into this kid thing with me, but also because he supports my activities even before he tries to fit his activities back into his life.  He has even asked me when the next 5k race will be that we could maybe run together.  Of course that kind of puts a kink in our childcare situation, I don't care!  I had seen other couples running races together and I was always a little jealous.  Nothing bonds you more than a little sweat!
We even talked about running for enjoyment last night.  We came up with the 5k most likely being the max he would ever be interested in....maybe a 10k, but that might be pushing it.

So there...I have converted and inspired at least one non-runner!  My evil plan is slowly get all my loved ones to enjoy all of my hobbies.  Watch out sisters you are next :o)

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