Saturday, December 31, 2011

There Is Nothing Better Than a Clean Port-A-Potty

Long Run Saturday! Woo Hoo!  This is honestly my favorite day of the week.  Last night, Mike and I met my SIL and her husband for a few drinks, no big deal, we were home and in bed before 1000.  Sometime around 230 one of the neighbors woke me up (grrrr) and I was having a hard time falling back to sleep.  Then around 300 Ryan started coughing.  Finally sometime around 400 I finally fell back to sleep.  When the alarm went off at 600, I was just not ready, but the only way to get to a marathon is to get out of bed!
On the drive to the rendezvous point my stomach told me I should have taken a few more minutes in the bathroom this morning.  I was praying for a port a potty at the park and ride, but alas, I was denied!  Having worked all those years in surgery, I decided I would have to institute operation "Bodily Function Control".  Luckily, exactly one mile in, there just happened to be a Port-A-Potty...I did not care what shape it was in, I just cared that I would have relief!!  I am by far the most lucky girl in the world!  Not only was there a Port-A-Potty, it was clean, it had toilet seat cover, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer!!  I felt like I had just won the lottery!!

Saturday  means it is time for my long run/therapy session with my BRF Michelle.  We have been growing our running group, but something in my gut just told me it needed to be Michelle and I today.  I am so glad it was just us!  I have realized I have a found not only a running buddy, but someone who truly gets what I am going through!  It is life changing to not feel alone or like you are the only one going through these crazy life challenges.  I could go on and on and on about my excitement having met Michelle, but I don't want to start sounding creepy (and by the way, I am still kind of on my running high)

The week in general has been very inspirational and motivating.  I have been feeling fast and I decided I needed to start working on a little speed.  It paid off!  I have come to the realization that I am running almost as fast as I was at my peak fitness.  I can't believe that last year at this time I could not even run a mile non-stop...that is if I had even put on shoes to even TRY to run!!

Let's recap the week just because it felt so good.

Monday: Cross Training- Skiing with my husband!!  First time on ski's in four was heaven
Tuesday:  3 mi outside, in the rain, on purpose!  I felt good to just get out and do it
Wednesday:  3 mi Speed work on the treadmill.  8.5 actually felt good
Thursday:  3 mi Another great treadmill run.  Fairly fast and with some incline!
Friday:  Rest day
Saturday:  7mi run with Michelle.  Lots of hills, but a great way to start the day.
Sunday:  Cross day...not sure what I will do, but I think it is high time I got my bike back in some sort of order and on the rollers at a minimum.

Next week will be back to no hubby at home, so also back to all runs at 6am on the treadmill :p Not Awesome!!!

One thing that is Awesome...Next years running re-TREAT is on the schedule!! August can't come soon enough!

How about some pics to finish off the week
The only post workout pic I have that doesn't look horrible, simply because it was after family pics so I had on makeup and it was on the treadmill.  Plus I felt very inspired that run.

Michelle and I post 7mi feeling great about our upcoming goals

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