Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bad Blogger!

I was so worried about blogging too much....HA!!!

After multiple illnesses, developmental leaps by the babies resulting in less than optimal sleep, hosting my first Thanksgiving, and a trip to WI, my poor blog has fallen to the side!

I'm back though-lucky you!!  

My miles have been few and sometimes far between, but I am still making tracks and getting in a minimum of two runs per week.  Things seem to be looking up though.  I tried my first run with both babies awake.  It was less than optimal, but at least now I know I have the option to get some sort of run in if the 6am run falls through.

Since my last post I have finished my first adventure run which was super cool!  Definitely not something you are shooting for a PR though!  I think it took us over an hour to do a 5k!!!  Even better, I still have a momento.  I bruised the inside of my ankle on the first obstacle and it still hurts like a bruise if I touch it!  That was at least three weeks ago!!

I am prepping for my very first 8K next weekend.  It will be the furthest I have run to date. It is also the first "real" race I have run since 2004. 

I have found some amazing running partners and that is VERY important because I have signed up for my very first Half Marathon!!  I will be running the SLO Marathon on April 22, 2012 SLO Marathon link Just in case you want to join me :o)
The more amazing part is my gut, my heart and my head are all telling me to go for the I am going to start training on Dec. 19 and see how it goes.  I have already talked another friend of mine into training and I really would love to get a good group together!  It would be so much fun to have my friends and family there to cheer me on.  That would make it so I complete my goal one year early.  Kind of makes for an anticlimactic blog, but it feels right none the less.
The super cool part is that it will be the first ever SLO marathon and it will be my first.  Kind of cheesy, but it makes for a good first marathon story.

Here is a Pic of my lovely running partner Michelle and I after our run this past Saturday morning (check out that Packer frame on the back of the hot Lexus!)

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