Monday, December 12, 2011

"Before Starting A New Fitness Program, Please Consult a Physician"

So being the good direction follower I am, I of course made a Doctor appointment!  Wouldn't you know it, after fasting and the whole shabang, they messed up my appointment!!  I am now rescheduled for tomorrow.  I now have an entire list of questions written down.  That Dr. will rue the day he forgot to fit me in!
All joking aside, fasting made me realize just how low my blood sugar goes.  It took me until 8pm to finally catch up and not feel like a Mac truck had just run me over.  Maybe it was a good thing I decided to go the nerdy route and see a Dr.

Another totally Sarah Nerdy thing I have been doing...messing with my workouts on purpose just to make sure I have a backup plan while training for the Big 26.2.  It is so like me to not just go with the flow, rather figure out the logistics and how to make it work.  My husband laughs at my efficiency in everything I do.  It's true though...I could put UPS to shame with my logistic abilities!! 
Today Mike met the kids and I for lunch at the mall.  We ate at one of those italian pizza places and of course my picky kids aren't willing to just eat I have Mike order first knowing he won't be thinking of how to get food in these kids and I on the fly fix my order to include things that will mesh with his stuff to get the kids fed.  Within about oh, 1.5 min I have the two plates of food rearranged into four plates of food and everyone is happy...this is the same amount of time it takes Mike to find napkins.
I am still trying to figure out a way to translate this skill into making my millions because clearly it is my calling!

I digress from running though....Mixing it up on purpose, yes that's where I was.  I have figured out that runs on the treadmill are absolutely doable with the kids around as long as I am ready to jump on the treadmill the second the movie starts.  Then I get 30min...maybe 40 tops!  This should be ok for a little while and after that maybe I will brave the jogging stroller.  The problem is, within 5min they are beating the crap out of each other I swear!! Ok, maybe they are just leaning into each other, but it still leads to a lot of yelling and crying and me wanting to hang myself!!  We shall see.

Other than that, I have the Big 12 K's of Christmas coming up this weekend and I am looking into joining a running clinic on Tuesday mornings.  Officially training starts one week from today....I am totally stoked to be running for a goal again and at the same time terrified that I am actually going to not only do this, but keep telling people about it!  Quite frankly I am more scared of what people will think of me as they read my blog.  But I think that is part of it.  Facing the fear of opening myself up so much is like negating my fear of trying to accomplish a big running goal.

I have also added two great girls to my partner arsenal of runners; Melanie and Megan.  Here is a pic of us Saturday after our run.  Maybe Next time I will have a different hat on :p

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