Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've Got A New Goal, And I'm Scared

This recently has become my mantra it seems.  It also in my opinion is a good one to have.

Well, I didn't blog about it, but  had my lovely Women's re-TREAT weekend where we state our goal preferably for the year.  Last year my goal was to run a marathon before I turned 40.  As timing would have it, I ran the marathon in my 39th year.  The time was right and I was so glad it worked out that way.

So what to do for my goal for my 40th year???  {Big Gulp} I have committed to running a marathon in 4hr or less as my goal for he year.  I can't believe I have this goal honestly.  This means I have to shave a full half hour off my current marathon race pace.  YIKES!!!!  It's not impossible, but it will take some work for sure.

So I've started my new job this weekend.  Yup-I have to consider it my job for awhile, or I know myself and I will blow workouts off like they were tumbleweeds blowing over Hwy 80 in the middle of NV!!!!
So in honor of starting my new job, I ran a route I have never run before.  I ran out my door and ran 7mi (ok 6.89) around my 'Hood.  In the past I have always run out my door.  This house though sits on top of a hill (many hills) and there is no way to get to it that has an easy grade.  I can run up a few of them, but my need to "Kill The Hill" makes it so I have to walk once I get to the top.  The particular route I took, I chose because it had a tiny it of trail to run on-which I LOVE!  This meant though that I had to go up two super steep hills.  I choose to walk them-no shame here!!!

So there you have it.  Right now I am using the Train Like A Mother-Half Marathon, Finish It Plan that I am going to segue into the Train Like A Mother-Marathon, Finish It Plan.  I am pretty sure that those plans will get me on the right path to a sub 4hr Marathon.

Also, I have planned my races to hopefully make this a reality.  In February, I am planning on running the Huntington Beach Marathon-Surf City 2013 and then either Portland MarathonVictoria Marathon,  or some other flat fall marathon.  I am pretty sure 2013 will see me crossing the finish line with a timed goal.

It is a little unnerving stating aloud that I have a time goal.  That freaks me out WAY more than anything.

Wish me luck!  I'll update I'm sure.

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  1. You so have this. Done in 2013. Hopefully I'll get to do some long runs with you!