Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chirp...Chirp...Chirp....Chirp...Hear Those Crickets??

Yeah, so do I.  It has been awhile since I have been here.
I never imagined after all the time and miles I have put in since last fall, that I would say I have run exactly four days.  CRAZY talk I tell you!

I also had lofty expectations of doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred while I was recovering....yeah right!  I ended up with the worst case of flu I have had in years....starting timely on my 39th birthday.  Great.  That was followed up with my daughter finding 5:00am a great time to start the day.  That really put a kink in my "Mommy Morning Alone Time" AKA my time to run.

I also have been battling some sort of ramdom fatigue.  Of course, you would assume that with two toddlers, I would just be tired in general.  This is not the case for me most of the time.  The fatigue has been increasing since I was training.  I chalked it up to training and having toddlers.  As time has gone on though, it has become clear that something is VERY off with my body.

I have a family history of Hypothyroidism-My sister in fact had one lobe removed last week as it has become cancerous.  The second side was biopsied and the cells have gone on to Mayo for further testing. It seems they can't figure out exactly what kind of cells they are looking at.  Please say a quick prayer for her if you are so inclined.  She is getting married in July and we all want her to get some good news before her wedding.

I also have a family history of premature menopause.  Great.  In fact, I am late to the menopause game if I am on my mom's side of the family's timeline.  As far back as my mom knows (my Great Grandma) they have all been finished and period free by 38 at the latest.  Let's just say I have plenty of symptoms...bleh!

Either way I think my hormones are WAY off and I am seeing a Dr. this coming Tuesday.  I am hoping that we can figure something out sooner than later.  I am convinced I will have a BQ time once I can actually get my energy back!!

I have run though.  The first attempt was horrible!  It wasn't quite a month post race and my legs and knees felt like I had fence posts jamming up my legs with every step.  Felt great right?!?    Actually by the end of the run, my legs loosened up and it wasn't bad.

I decided that my body was not healing enough on it's own, so back to Bikram I went.  I have found either you LOVE it or you HATE it.  I have a very strong love for sweating out a weeks worth of sweat in one hour and a half session.  There is just something about walking into a room that makes you sweat that I find appealing.  Nuts-I know.  A great studio just opened up by my house. Bikram Yoga Kirkland has great instructors and a lot of class times.  The only problem is trying to find a time I can go.  During the day is hard-no childcare and night time classes start right at dinner time and bedtime for the kids.  I am committing to a twice a week practice through the month of June though.

Which brings me to my current training plan.  The Lovely Ladies at Another Mother Runner AKA the Run Like A Mother crew have put forth the June Challenge.  They challenged everyone to fill out a month of fitness and then keep track of your workouts. You need at least five training days per week and at least one rest day.  If you complete the challenge, you get a bumper sticker.  I thought this would  be a great way to just get back into the habit of making time for myself again.

I started my June 1 with a run, and it felt great!!!  It was on my trusty Mill at 7:00pm while my hubby put my beautiful baby girl to sleep.  I did some Fartleks just because I needed to run off some steam, but I knew I couldn't keep my top end pace the whole time without being frustrated.  So my warmup/cool down pace was a 6 and my top end was a 9.  My workout hovered mainly in the 7.5-8 range and I ran for a total of 3mi.  I was happy with that for sure.  I am however convinced I need new shoes and I have a sneaky suspicion that it is my shoes that have been causing my achilles tendonitis this whole time!!!  After each time I have run, it has flared up.  This shouldn't be happening after one run.  Last night was faster, but even after the easy runs it flared.  So off to shop for running shoes HOORAY!!

Well, you are all caught up.  Nothing really that exciting, but I thought if I got back to the blog I would get back to the run.  Makes sense.  Let's just hope this doesn't become a blog about menopause before 40 instead of running marathons before 40!!!

Just in case you want to see what my sched is for the month-here you go


  1. I hope your doc figures out what is going on with your energy levels. Maybe if they strike out, a visit to an ND would help? I have to say, there was something strange about turning 39 that has made my body different. Not for the best necessarily. Or maybe it's just something up with the year 2012? Either way, trying to figure my way out before I hit 40!
    I'm going to check out that challenge, sounds like something I need to do to get myself motivated.b

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