Sunday, December 9, 2012

13 Races In 2013??

I know I haven't been very good aout blogging lately and part of that is I always kept this like more of an online training journal.  It was a very useful format while I was training for the marathon, but since then I haven't had a goal and I also haven't been running much.  All of that combined meant an empty blog.

Now, with the help of mind clearing PT, I am looking at my running in a new light.  I think for awhile I am going to focus more on strength and building a better base.  With that in mind, I am doing way more fitness workouts than I am running miles.

Another blogger friend mentioned something along the lines of "if I only blogged about my runs, I wouldn't have much of a blog"  True statement.

So for 2013 here are my goals:
A Goal:  Run 13 races in 2013

B Goal:  Do two fitness/strength workouts per week

C Goal:  Blog shorter blog entries and blog more often

D Goal:  (this is the one that scares me) Try a Tri

My D goal should maybe be moved up to my A goal, but I am just not prepared for that right now!  Although, I DO believe if it is a goal worth having, it should be a goal that SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF YOU-and a Tri my friends does that for me!!

More to come....Thanks for patiently letting me work all this out!

Much Love XO XO

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