Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Saw A Ship A Sailin'...A Sailin' In From Sea...

So if you do't have toddlers, you may not be familiar with this rhyme.  It's a favorite of Pooh's and it came to mind today in the shower.  A shower that was taken in peace while BOTH babies napped at the SAME time!!!

This has not happened in over a month, maybe even longer.  I don't think it is a secret anymore that the kids have been having a tough time which means mommy hasn't had it so easy either.

I have found there is beauty in having children 12mo apart, that is after the first crazy year.  One of the best things is they reach developmental milestones at exactly the same time.  That is tough going into it and while you are in it, but it is scrumptious when you come out on the other side knowing that you won't have to do that again for six months or fingers crossed a year.

Now don't get me wrong.  I am not nieve or silly enough to think that after one nap everything is going to be back to normal.  After going through this now for three years though, I DO know that we are within weeks (if not less) of things going back to the lower level of chaos that buzzes through our house.  I can manage that.  Sure to some it may look like a piece of cake and to others it may look like something out of a carnival sideshow.  It is our reality though and one I can live with.  The past month....whew...let's just chalk that up to a really bad nightmare.

Like I said I am not foolish enough to think that tomorrow Pooh will wake up at 8:30 like normal and Moo at 7:00, but I DO know that neither will be up at 5:00.  Yes, they are actually that predictable :D

What does this have to do with running you may ask?  Nothing really, but at the same time everything.  This means that I know that my morning runs will be returning again an quite frankly I have missed them.  Sure I have been fitting in runs, but I honestly miss the quiet house and the "Me" time I get before everyone wakes up.  If I had wanted that delicious alone time the last few weeks, I would have had to get up at 4:00am after having resettled Miss Pooh back to sleep around 1:00am.  That was just not happening.

I did fit in my treadmill run today amongst the craziness of a normal day.  I had my MIL come over as I had a Chiro appointment and she was going to stay with the kids.  I also had my "Sick With A Virus-Which So Help Me God If He Gives It To Me I Will Kill Him" Husband home as well.  Quick Chiro, Quick Home Depot, Quick home to give kids a snack, and Quick onto the Mill.  I knew everyone was needing to leave me by noon so I had to be speedy.

Got on the mill and thought I was prepped with Downtown Abbey so I could do 8 mindless miles.  Well, got on board, started watching and wouldn't you know it-only season one is on Netflix!!!  So it ended at mile four and I was scrambling quickly to get something on.  At the same time the entire family came downstairs and both adults looked like kids waiting for birthday cake...they thought I was done.  I knew by the look on their faces I wasn't going to get my full eight in.  They are the type that would not say so much-they aren't quite as direct as I am- but I have been around them long enough to know what is on their minds.  So I clicked on an Another Mother Runner podcast (available on iTunes) and tried my best to get as much in as fast as I could.  I ended up with a 6.7mi run in exactly one hour.  Better than not running is how I chalked that one up.

Quickly got my Pooh to nap while the hubs put the Moo in his room and he fell asleep as well.  Who knows how long today's nap will last.  I for one am not waking them up.....oh I hear my Moo.  That was good enough for a catch up that's for sure.

Have a VERY Happy Humpday all!!

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